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well I see Im behind the times as per useual. I have just found Arua. I havent had this much fun in years with a program, I just love the drawing tools there isnt much that cant be done with them.

I'm useing the demo at the moment so can only do screen captures for now while i play with and learn the program. I'm saveing my penys to buy this onderfull piece of software.

mabe my posting will breath some new life into these forums.


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You are behind: it's no longer for sale.

Try here, though:
Here you will find Mirage, the updated program that was Aura.
It is as cool, and better, because it's getting the makeover/upgrades it so dearly needed.

Keep playing with that demo, though, as the skill set is the same.

Beautiful sky there, btw. How'd ya do that? Overall a nice pic!


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Hi the sky was done with the air brush tool.

I set the graideant turned dry on set my size. power to 23
opac to 30 and had at it.

the rest of the pic was charcol pencle paint brush both set with dry on size set to P graidents low power and opac and had at it.

hope this helps.

well on 4th and last DL try for Mirage befor i give and email them to check the demo zip sheez



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Phil, if you're really still looking for Aura stuff, check out the old (still ticking after all this time) NewtekPro site ...
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