New recording every 1:17 -> mix of 50i and 60i

3Play 4800 and 3Play 440 (both multistandard)


Recently I had the strange error that the recording re-started every one minute and seventeen seconds. The recording button would stay red, but there had been indications that a new recording was started.
After spending a whole day to track this error (including factory reset, upgrades, formating disks, different sessions in all formats, checking all inputs etc.) I have the following conclusion:

The new recording every 1:17 was triggered in case just one input had a signal with SDI 60i, while using a 50i session on 3Play.
In my case one input came from a computer HDMI out signal, converted to SDI. But i could reproduce the same behaviour later with changing one camera to NTSC 1080i/60 instead of PAL 1080i/50.
(I did not test if same would happen using a 60i session with a 50i signal...)

So in case someone else had gotten these constantly repeated new sessions, the reason is the mix of 50i and 60i signals in the inputs.
I wonder if the wrong input signal could be detected automatcally in a future version update and a warning could be given.

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