New modern Amiga Compatible being readied in Europe


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I wanted to alert all NewTek users and especially some of you who have been with Newtek from the early days of the Toaster and Flyer systems such as myself that a band of International engineers are working with FPGA chips and seem to be nearing complition of a Amiga 1200-4000 computer capable of booting from any of the past amiga roms and using any of the Workbench versions up and including WB3.9. The NatAmi or "native amiga compatible" project has been steadley meeting it's goals of compatibility with past Amiga software and hardware but also adding new features including:
24 bit Paula sound (input as well as output),
HD PC compatible floppied (will read and write Amiga floppies)
promotion of NTSC 15 KiloHertz to 30kilohertz DVI output
Genlock S-vidoe (NTSC or PAL) in and out
3DCore for rendering in real time 3-D landscapes on 2-D space (monitor)
and SuperAGA.

To this mix they are removing limitations and some of the bugs of the past Amiga chip sets when it doens't break compatibility or when necessary when functionality is concerned. Again due to the tight integration of Amiga's coprocessers and it's every efficiant operating system the NatAmi will be able to do most of what current computers do including games, DVD video playback and web. Even though the Amiga commmunity is now a "nichi" group I think that this still shows that there is still a lot of life in the old girl and who knows what the future may bring.

I would like to ask Newtek to look at and at least give some assistance to; however they see fit to helping this program and this group of hardware and software engineers to complete this task. I feel that both groups "Team Natami" and the engineers of NewTek share more than just some mutual bone of interst from the past but more as a brotherhood of dreamers and tinkers who hear the soft voice of the a computer whom most thought was long dead, still calling out to them in lines of code about a love of things that are truely fun which was once lost but is now found by a new generation of computer designers, programers and users. Please don't take my word for it but go and visit their web site which I have provided below. They need words of encouragement from others who still hold the Amiga dear in their memories.
Rodney G. Carter

info taken from the information page of the above site.

The NatAmi system is designed and developed by Thomas Hirsch.

If you have question or suggestions please contact us at

Postal address is:
Thomas Hirsch
Carl-Peters-Str. 26
70825 Korntal-Muenchingen

This page is for informational purpose only. This is not a commercial project yet.

AMIGA is a tramemark of AMIGA Inc, all rights reserved.

P.S. This is a very active site with video examples of the system playing games and pictures of the lastest hardware. It was last updated this past week in May of 2010 and have several active forums to share ideas and give progress and updates to the community at large.


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Congratulations on the success of your time machine and welcome to 2010.

Things just haven't been the same since the Amiga left. Apple has become a fascist company and Bill Gates is in the 3rd world curing malaria. Yea it's that crazy.

Now if we can just get the Amiga 3d ball, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and John Locke all in the same room.... maybe... just maybe we can stop this insanity!

Ok, who's got the C4?


I would be interested as My A4000 that I have towerized is getting a bit tired after almost 20 years of use. Even the Video Toaster Flyer is still functioning flawlessly. I would love to be able to put this into a modern Amiga and still be able to use it without having to buy all new drives and hardware. I know many will laugh at me for wanting to hang on to such out dated equipment but there still is no substitute to the Amiga in what it was and still is capable of doing and the OS is still very user friendly.

The real question here is how much will this cost? Im not going to spend thousands when I can get a Mac or PC with software that is more than capable of reproducing the same result.

bob anderson

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I still have spare parts and repairs!.. I just uncovered a vein of ToasterLinks today. Need anything, let me know! Also, ADPros, and Cacoon morps by the dozen!

Bob Anderson
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