New memory could allow video cards with up to 64 GB of VRAM


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You've got to be kidding! I don't have a spare 10k on hand right now! Work's been slow for me from my clients.


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does LW take advantage of VRAM? Thinking of getting the new AMD card with 28GB this week. Will it allow more objects to not fall back to bounding boxes during layout work? i assume its VRAM constrained since RAM usage is low.


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I'd be surprised if you could even get close to seeing those new AMD cards - I expect scalpers and miners to get their hands on them all.

Not a chance for the rest of us. I planned on getting a 3080, but it's proven impossible. Even older cards like the 1080 are second-hand more expensive than they were new. The stores here in Vancouver are completely sold out: no reasonable mid-tier or high-tier graphics cards are available. EVERYTHING is sold out.


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It's interesting, at around this time last year I picked up a Zotac 2080 RTX card through Amazon's Warehouse for the knockdown price of £448. Soon after, news of the new 3XXX range of cards and their amazing performance started to appear along with their official prices and I wondered if I should have saved my money. One year later, I'm pleased as Punch that I bought the card I have at such a good price :)

There are some highend nVidia cards available to purchase on Amazon right now.....but you need to have really deep pockets:

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