New Character Leg Setup


Pär Mostad


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I'm my Clone
I just tried that out Meshbuilder. The only thing I see wrong when I rotate the *_Foot_Control (the one that rotates the whole foot rig to either side) on it's heading, the lower leg bone does not follow on the heading. I know you can rotate the knee control to follow but personally, I like to have it rotate along with the foot.

Other then that, seems like a good setup.


I'm my Clone
Did you set that up just now Meshbuilder? Cool.

Right now I'm a proud owner of ACS4 ( ) and I'm very happy with the rigs from there. The ninja rig that's going to be released soon looks awesome. Have you tried out ACS4?

Rigging really is my least favorite part of Lightwave. I'm glad I took the time to learn it, but I'm happy I now have a rigging solution to avoid all that, or most of it anyway.
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