New Approach to an HD VT System?


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Despite the absence of affordable HD hardware back then, I firmly hold out in hope, that NewTek would provide the market
1. an SD/HD card,
2. an "HX" (sic) breakout,
3. a complimentary software suite based on what we have in TriCaster XD300
4. a "limited" tech support scenario from NewTek (with more extensive support made available through dealer network and/or through NewTek, via a newly-implemented cost-based model -- but without the horrific price-gouging schemes Avid® has long been condemned for.)

It's my heartfelt belief that there's long been a firmly entrenched passion for an SD/HD based VT system based on a card, since our hero, Tim Jenison was spotlighted in an interview with Newsweek Magazine, back before the introduction of VideoToaster [2].

...but an SD/HD VT system, even with a new model for tech support, would be an awesome adjunct to TriCaster as a live production game-changer.
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