Nevron not working anymore


Went back to look at some old scenes I did using Nevron. Loaded scene everything worked fine. I have my targets stored as a preset. So I can untarget. Load in a new bvh, hit my retarget preset and Yay all good.

Now the odd part. I create a new character, add the same genoma rig. Set it up in LW and in port a bvh. Now I hit my retarget preset. Oh, everything retargets just all the bones in the hand which I'm not using!
I've tried reinstalling Nevron, everything I can thing off, but it will not retarget. I tried creating a new retarget preset by selecting the bones and clicking get selected. Soon as I hit retarget all the fingers in the left hand are just highlighted and nothing moves with the bvh.
Spent hours trying everything
Anyone else had this?


Image of description.


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ack ack
I still havn't even installed it.......
Are you importing a LW2020 file, maybe not compatible?


I found out what it was. I hadn't used it for sometime and stupidly was using convert skelegon instead of hitting the genoma create rig of those doh moments! Lol.


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That's not user error, that's defective UI/UX. "Convert skelegon" shouldn't even be enabled, really. At bare minimum, triggering it should generate a "This is a Genoma rig, you should use 'Genoma->Create Rig' instead. Are you certain? Ok|Cancel" dialog.

Easily demonstrable UI defect: Despite app having access to a priori knowledge of "viable choices", as well as accessible mechanisms for discouraging, even disabling access to non-viable choices, app left invalid choices equally available as valid choices. App doesn't even confirm or indicate selecting invalid choices are errors while situation is still reversible/abortable, app instead just allows destructive, invalid actions to move app into "off the rails"/"known unstable" state.

Put simply: UI shouldn't be an endless game of "Lady or the Tiger". App's responsible for UI direction, and most of all, preventing the user from running the app "off the rails" unaware.
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