Need TriCaster setup in Madison WI Sept 29th-Oct 3rd


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Hi guys, been a while since I've visited here.
We did a gig at a conference here in California and now have three more around the country that want us to do it for them. Due to travel costs & logistics I'm looking for someone in or VERY near a few cities that can match what we did here in California.

Madison WI Sept 29th-Oct 3rd.
Green screen for 3 camera virtual set interviews in a 20’ X 20’ tent..
We used three TriCasters. One to live stream, switch the 3 cam virtual set and playback videos in the DDRs.
OneTriCaster to record individual interviews and feed to the first TriCaster for playback within a couple hours.
And one TriCaster, or other device to record the entire day. (Any variation including a 3 Play or other recording device is OK as long as these needs are met).
We had three cameras for a two person interview set.
We only had one camera operator that doubled as a floor director.
We had one GFX person using Live Text on two laptops to deliver supers for the interviewees and a crawl of the days events that is on screen most of the day.
We had one TD switching the show.
We had one producer working on a google doc to decide what videos would be playing next and communicate to the TD.
We need one person who can ingest a roving reporter’s stories, maybe do some light editing and send it into the TD’s play list.

We need confirmation of your capabilities and proposal ASAP.

If you live in or VERY near Madison WI, have a "Failure is not an option" approach to running your business, e-mail me your submission for this. While I welcome questions and comments here, I have a lot on my plate at the moment and won't be checking here as often as my e-mail.
[email protected]
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