Need to make a QuickTime movie...???


I've got a great slide show from a news photographer all cut and cross dissolved to music.

It seems to matter how I render it out, it works great in Windows Media Player 9... but when I transfer it to a Mac, the Mac version of Media Player will not open it!! Quicktime says that it can't play it either!

I actually need it in QuickTime format... but how???? P L E AS E H E L P ! ! !



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1. Goto 'File' - 'Mode' and set to quicktime.
2. Import image sequence, select your RTV
3. You may have to then get the Audio file separately 'Project' - 'Sound' - 'Load' Select wav.
4. Then Export Image Sequence with .mov extension.
5. Choose your codec.

Should work!
OK... saved my project at full res.... as a .rtv

Got it into Aura, but when playing, all of the dissolves are now real choppy!! They are velvet smooth in the original project!

Any ideas???

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