Need Newer Version Of LScript


Hi - I'm working in Lightwave 3D 9.2 and a plugin I just downloaded and installed called "Scene2Modeler" says I need a later version of LScript in order for it to work. Does anyone know where I can download a later version of LScript?

Thanks in advance......


Can't afford Newer Lightwave Version......There is not an opensource download anywhere for it online?


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No. LightWave is a commercial product so it won't be opensource.

Lscript is an extension of the LightWave sdk. So any additions/fixes would be dependent on the new build. You could see if the script will work in 9.6.1. I believe that's the highest version in the 9 series.


ex-LightWave documentation
Also, you are not on the latest version of LightWave 9 - you can update to 9.6.1 without paying anything. I believe Scene2Modeler requires 9.5+

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