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Man support has really disconnected for tricaster owners who still have perfectly functioning systems and other technical needs at times #smh

I've opened a new tv studio and the concept has caught fire. I have a few political newscasts to produce for the Georgia run-offs and thought to update all tricaster first

I've got to ask this. Am i the only one who feels that newtek may be following apple in purposely ensuring updates disable certain function not to work. I ask to ask this question because

On all three of my traicasters, i just recently updated the build non of them completely y accepted the update.

My AE3 on my mini keeps giving errors that files are corrupt and i followed newtek's suggestions factory reset and now. The build says the drive is not compatible with the update "The Drive" LOL From what I know as ong as there is space on a drive applications can be installed

When I informed NewTek's crystal webb. Her reply was shes done all she can do and hinted at buying a new one. i asked for a remote into my system to see if they could see an issue and resolve it. Which has never been a problem with them doing so and has always resolved the issue. She flat-out refused me. Got all our emails

She stated she was unwilling to provide any further support. That i should find a NewTek-certified repair company. Newtek's build update caused the problem

My tricaster was operating fine until the update and now newteks update has rendered my system in - operable and they are unwilling to resolve their problem. the build update caused. because its not a newer system. Then why create an update for an older system? Leave them operating as they are don't secretly disable the system through build updates. Apple did this with phones until they were caught

So, I Updated my 8000 Friday and it came back with a similar issue. Now the animated store and my virtual set won't load. I requested support Friday and have not heard anything. So if yur systems 5 years plus old you are just our of luck.

We bought too many tricksters to be dealing with this mess ....

So I'm reaching out to the community for support.

Does anyone out here has resolutions to these to issues? Any help is much appreciated. I have to December 6th events

Any Help Much Appreciated
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