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Greetings, I hope someone can help me, I'm stumped. And I'm the last Amiga guru in the area...
I have a Toaster / Flyer combo here for install of new Hard Drive.
I got it in and responding OK, but It wont Format.
I'm using Flyer HDTools, and it Tests the drive OK <for hours>
and then returns data about the drive <99.9+% good for HD5>
I'v tried clicking Format and using Blocks and percent to format.
The Busy cursor pops up for several minutes then goes away.
But I never get a bar showing progress and the drive continues to show as unformatted.
I ran Snoopdos and found some problem, which are unrelated but now corected, I also cleared some boot errors that were popping when it couldnt find some incorrectly assigned partitions.
I ran Check Software and get the error "The file <item> is not a Version 4.1D object on 12 items. Understandable since the Toaster is up to Ver 4.1 but the Flyer Ver is 4.3. no other errors show up.
Since I'v re-arrainged all the drives in the Syatem, We have no drives showing as good now.

Any Ideas?


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What Amiga OS are you running?

I tried 3.5 and ran into many problems with the Toaster board so went to 3.1 again.

Have you tried to format from workbench and not the Flyer software?

ARe you using the 'short stroke' option in formatting?

Do you have the CD6 mounted? (shouldn't be)

Are you changing the dreaded max transfer to 0x1fe00?


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First, Thanks for the reply;

OK, Using OS3.5 per owners request...
Maybe I should go back.. But it's had OS3.5 for a while now...
BUT, I dont know if He was using the flyer, He says it's been out for a while.
Format from WB does not work with a flyer, never did as far as I know.
I am using the Short Stroke Option, and tried most of the settings in troubleshooting.
No CD6, there is a CD0: but it's on the Warp Board Scsi Device and Buss, Totally seperate, never caused trouble before.
I have not touched Max Transfer, but several of the drives are the same ones and have not been changed, I can't format them either. I tried to Quick Format one to change the Volume Name on it and now it reads as unformatted also.



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I noticed in your post no indication of cache settings before formatting. I just recently installed (2) 9.1Gb Quantum Atlas II 10K with no short stroking on my flyer system with no problems.

I found information at this link to be instrumental in installing these drive successfully.

I hope this helps...



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OK then,
if going to 3.1 OS dosen't work and the link above dosen't help then ya are left with 2 options.

I have put my drives back into a PC, format thru that to reset all drive back to MFGs settings and re installed into Flyer and redo the sequences to format for an Amiga.
That usually works.

If it dosen't work then I call to get a RMA to the drive company (if they are still under warrentee).

The tips mentioned in previous message all come from tips to look for from Newtek, Joe Tracys book 'Flyer Mastery Guide', and articles in the 'Video Toaster User' magazine, and have never failed to help with the Toaster.

Other than that, I can think of no other ways to help.


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OK, Status update

I formatted the Boot drive and installed OS 3.1
Then Installed the Drivers for the Warpdrive Accel card so the machine will boot up.
I re-installed Video Toaster 4.1 (d) floppy and CD
I select for the Toaster to start on bootup
I re-installed Video Toaster Flyer 4.3 floppy and CD, Except the NON-Viewtek add-ons, they crash/lock up the install consistently.

I re-boot
It Boots and runs the Toaster - no errors.

From here on it gets repetitive.

I flip to Workbench and run FlyerHDTools (Tried with Toaster running and without)
I Select any drive in the Tower, they all say Unformatted.
(They are FA0-9.2Gig, FA1-9.1Gig, FB0-9.1Gig, FC0-9.1Gig, FC1<Tape>)
(All Except FA0 are previously used in this machine and worked!)

I run the Test as recommended, Read/Write, 3 reps, HQ5, ect
Hours later, the test returns the results, they vary by drive.

I leave Cache alone as the test results are quite satisfactory.

I select Format, Audio/Video, Short Stroke by blocks, using the results of the test.

I click Format.
I click YES to the Format warning - Commiting to the format and destroying data.
The Cursor goes busy for about 15 minutes.
The cursor returns to the pointer.

I return to the main screen, It refreshes. The Drive remains unformatted.

I shut down all programs, including the Toaster.

I Re-Boot.

I run FlyerHDTools again. The Drive remains un-formatted.

What Gives???

Please... H E L P ! ! !

Ramjet :(
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Format Problems

I have had the same problem in the distant past. What I ended up doing was taking each of my Flyer drives off the Flyer sytem then daisy chained them to the O/S workbench and formatted them from as Workbench would, then after formating I put the drivers back into the Flyer part of the system and formated them thru the Flyer HD format system (Video/Audio)

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