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Hi, we just receive our 4 newtek 4K Ptz and the tricaster mini.
We install all the camera, and tommorrow we will prepare and configure for the christmas mass.
We are in a big cathedral with 2 cam in the transept (left and right), one directly on the front near the main autel, and one completly in the back near the organ (70' up).
I was wondering how to try to adjust color and white balance. All cameras will have several preset (position) the be able to follow the mass?
Color in auto and with balance in "interior" mode?
Thanks for your help.


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I would avoid 'Auto' when color matching, what matches today might not match later, manual will be better.

1. Point all of your cameras at the same target.
2. Then use use the web UI to match the colors best as possible.
3. Now set your presets. Presets record color settings, so if you set all your presets first, then match colors, as soon as you select a preset again will revert back to the color setting of that preset.
4. There are color controls in the TriCaster as well. While I always recommend that you use the settings in the camera first to get the camera matches as close as possible, don't forget that these are available, for a little tweak and this can be much easier and they are also independent of PTZ presets.

Also make sure all of you cameras are on the same firmware. There was new firmware for the PTZUHD just released (VCAA105), the download site hasn't even be updated to show this, but the download link will get you this new version.


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Thanks, I will try that.
When updating the firmware, all the setting are keep? Like preset into the tricaster (preset, color, whitebalence, etc.).
I think we already create several preset, So if we change the camera color, we will need to recreate all the preset?
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