Need a way to default audio input settings

John Phillips

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We've been burned by this a couple of times now... there absolutely needs to be a way to set up and save default settings in the system so that when you start a new session those default settings are already set. This includes:

Audio settings (why the system is defaulted to AES instead of line inputs I have no idea)
Video settings
Record stream and output names
Timecode settings
Sync settings

This is critical when in a mobile or permanent installation where those settings don't change from session to session. In our case we had the system crash in the middle of a production and when we rebooted the operator built a new session (we thought the old session might have been causing problems but turns out we have big issues with our unit) and he forgot to change the audio default from AES to Line input so we lost all the audio for the remainder of our show and had the wrong timecode as well.



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Not sure which model you have, but (without double-checking) I'm pretty sure that the 440, 4800 and Mini support template sessions. Is that not working for you?
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