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Working on getting the UE4 NDIIO Plugin to compile and build for Quest 2. I know that the plugin is intended for Win64, but managed to get it running using armeabi-v7a libndi.so in a packaged build. All connection functions on receiver return true but it currently doesn't receive any of the frame data. My question is... does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for why this might occur? It feels like it might have something to do with the NDI render target?

Attaching screenshot from device log where you can see on connection it establishing frame sync but fails to display video.



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I'm not sure if it is related but I also had a problem receiving Video on Android with the NDI SDK for Android. This problem was fixed in the newest release (NDI 2021-01-19 r120448 v4.6.0). Maybe a new version or libndi.so from the Android SDK fixes your problem also.


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Were you ever able to get this to work natively on the Quest 2... or still only working on Win64? If so, is there any way you could explain in more detail?
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