NDIHX-PTZ1 control with Birddog PTZ keyboard using NDI limited functions?

NDIHX-PTZ1 control with Birddog PTZ keyboard using NDI protocol has limited functions. I have PTZ functions, but no focus, WB control. Only “black level” works to control iris/exposure. I cannot access the camera’s menu. Both units are on latest firmware. All of the features work fine within studio monitor and the web UI. Thoughts? Thanks.


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Hi there, We purchased the Birddog PTZ keyboard to use with the NDIHX cameras and discovered this same issue. We had been emailing with Birddog about this issue and they are looking into. They said they hoped to have an issue resolved in the next firmware update to the PTZ Keyboard.

Phil at AVD

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I have the same problem and I have been bouncing it back and forth between NewTek and Birddog support.
They each blame the other for the problem.

I also have 2 NewTek PTZ-HX UHD cameras.
They work perfectly with the Birddog keypad (Focus, WB and exposure all work as you would expect them to). It is a delight to use.
NewTek claims that the command set for these two cameras are the same so I'm guessing this would put the problem more in the Birddog realm of cause.
I let Birddog support know about what NewTek said about the command sets being the same and they just answered back about updating firmware for the keyboard.
That's almost all I ever get back from them. They really don't answer your questions directly. Just a dodge about updating the firmware is worth a try.

I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this, so visit back here from time to time, I'll keep this discussion updated with any solutions I find.

It is indeed, very disappointing, to have two very awesome products not work together properly when they both claim to be NDI compatible.

There has got to be a solution to this before too long.

Phil at AVD

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When I say "these two cameras" I am talking about the two models. According to NewTek The PTZ1 and the UHD camera use the same command set.
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