Ndi Tools issue ?


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i have a problem with Screen Capture and HX.

With HX , my Network Stream lags & Hangs. !
With non HX , my Stream and Recording in OBS Studio , isn't Smooth like 60FPS in compare to OBS Studio with the NDI Plugin.

First is with OBS Ndi Plugin , Second with Ndi Screen Capture.

My Hardware
Game PC : i5 10400F , 16GB Ram , RX5700
Stream/Recording PC : I7 3770 , 32GB Ram , GTX950 2GB.

i have find this :

Other recommendations
nVidia or Intel GPU
That means HX or non HX , works realy just with a Intel or Nvidia GPU 100% ?

was 4.0 Compatible with AMD Radeon Card , and where i can get older 4 Version here ?
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