NDI Tools 4.6 is out


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I just realized that a new version of NDI Tools, version 4.6 is out now. The Homepage https://ndi.tv/tools/ still says 4.5 but the download is 4.6. The naming off the apps is also new and the homepage has old informations.

Is there a changelog available?

Changes I found:

  • NDI Scan Coverter is now NDI Screen Capture
  • Screen Capture HX (uses NVDIA GPU, Full resolution screen capture up to 4K, at frame-rates up to 120 Hz, dedicated encoding pipeline on NVIDIA hardware, Incredibly low latency screen capture)
  • NDI Virtual Input is now NDI Webcam Input

If someone has a changelog, post it.

Any news on this topic? NDI Tools Homepage still shows 4.5 but download is 4.6. Until now, no changelog.

Homepage still shows wrong informations:

NDI Scan Converter --> NDI Screen Capture
NDI Virtual Input --> NDI Webcam Input
NEW --> NDI Screen Capture HX

STAFF, please change your webpage. And give us a easy way to look for a Changelog. Maybe an txt file in the download.
How can you tell the version? The downloaded file just says NDI 4 Tools.

The Home Page is still not updated, nor is the "Introduction to NDI" file. They both use the old terminology which is confusing since they made such a big deal about Scan Converter which no longer exists!
Yes, it's really difficult to keep track of the updates. The full version number is not even displayed in the Windows Control Panel.
The only way to find the full version number is to examine the dll in the installation folder. I don't understand why Newtek doesn't just display the version number in the control panel and simply put a changelog as a text file in the installation folder.

Go to the runtime folder of Newtek NDI Tools (C: \ Program Files \ NewTek \ NDI 4 Tools \ Runtime) then right-click on Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll and select Properties. In the Details tab you can see the current version number.

I have just downloaded and installed the current version again from the homepage. Now it's even version and again no changelog.
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