NDI Router/Switcher sample app (for Windows)


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If anyone would like to try out the NDI Routing feature that was introduced in V2.0 of the NDI SDK, I have created a demo application which acts as a 6-in, 2-out NDI software Router/Switcher. Download from my NDI page at zenvideo.co.uk


It can also emulate a 6-input cuts-only A-B (Program/Preview) bus switcher, combined with a collection of NDI Monitors, as pictured below



NDI Routing on macOS

Just a note to anyone trying Martin's excellent app:

It *appears* that support for receipt of NDI Routing information may only currently be supported with the Window's NDI library so you may find this wont work with the macOS NDI Monitor, for example, and potentially the same on Linux. It's essentially the receiving end NDI Library's responsibility to respond to the routing change which is commanded by Martin's app.

We will work with Newtek to advance this as soon as possible.

The speed of routing changes is impressive and I am sure this mechanism will find all sort of useful applications.
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