NDI on 3Play 3P1


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The maximum session resolution in 3P1 is 1080p50 or 1080p59.94. Feeding in 4K via NDI will not get you 4K replay or HD ROI from 4K footage.

If you had a 4k source on the network is there any way to down covert the NDI feed HD before it hits the 3P1?

Do you think there would be a software upgrade for this down the road to support 4K via NDI? If the product is being positioned as part of the "TC1" generation of hardware, wouldn't it make sense that it should support that functionality since the TC1 workflow advertises 4K60? :foreheads


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I'm sure you can connect (but have not tried) a 4K/UHD source into a NDI input on the 3P1, but what is will be recorded for replay usage will be what session resolution is set to.

Beyond that I don't have any more information I can share.
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