NDI inputs laggy/buffering on 3P2

Not sure if this belongs here or in the NDI section but here's my situation. Running a TC2 with 8 SDI sources coming in. Have an NC1 I/O converting the remaining SDI cameras to NDI. In my current example, I've got 6 SDI sources getting converted over on that NC1 I/O. Then have a 3P2 pulling in all replay angles via NDI, grabbing the sources using both the NC1 I/O signals as well as pulling some directly from the TC2 signals.

All of the aforementioned devices are running on the same switch. All of the ports being used are 2.5G ports. 10G connection between that switch and other switches.

I have problems with some of the NDI sources that will begin to stutter/buffer on the 3P2. SDI ones are fine. When I stop recording on the 3P2, the NDI sources will stop acting up and look smooth again. Many times, when I start recording again, those NDI sources will continue to look good for a while...then act up again later in the night.

When graphing the connections, it doesn't appear that we're running into a bandwidth issue. But it sure seems like that's how it's acting. This new line is all still pretty new for us so we're still trying to fully grasp how to properly use this NDI technology so apologies if I'm overlooking something totally obvious here. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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