NDI|HX - touching the H264 data?


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Hi, I would like to address the elephant in the room - touching the HX internals.
  • In a recording scenario, is it possible to access the raw H264 data from NDI|HX? To let NDI do the decoding (especially on linux) and then reencode on my own it is a waste of resources. I think that at least that should be possible for everybody and it won't hurt anybody. Am I wrong?
  • The other way around - how about let us to create an NDI|HX stream on our own - I understand that for this some agreements have to be signed and some certification process for our products would be needed before we can release it... But nobody has ever replied to my inquiry that I have sent in the name of our company for almost a year now. So I am asking this forum - who should I ask for this?
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As I understand HX2 information is included with the NDI Embedded SDK. That is what you would be looking for to create an NDI HX stream.


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Thank You and sorry, I did not notice that in the Embedded documentation before. I now have successfully touched the H264 data :) Can I have one more question anyway?

Are the XML metedata with vendor ID etc. needed when I only want receive the compressed data?
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