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Hi, all —

Long-time NewTek user (think Amiga days), new to TC Mini SDI and NDI|HX cameras.

I have two HX cameras and am setting them up to be controlled by a Lumens VS-KB30. Everything is on a dedicated gigabit switch and I've already set up unique IP addresses for everything. The switch itself is on one of the TriCaster's two NICs, and campus network access is on the other NIC. So communications between the TC Mini and all the NDI devices should be isolated on their own dedicated switch. I've also made sure that the TriCaster, switch, Lumens controller, and the two HX cams are all on the same subnet and have unique IP addresses. All devices see each other and, for the most part, talk to each other.

I have a few questions and issues, and would appreciate any input from the hive mind.

1. What is the best protocol for controlling the HX cameras with the Lumens? I've had some success with VISCAIP, but notice that the cameras often overshoot my pans (I release the pan joystick but the camera continues panning... I have to pan in the other direction to get it to stop). Also I've found that a camera will occasionally stop panning altogether... I can tilt, but attempting to pan doesn't work. Each of these issues happens pretty quickly in a session; I don't usually have to wait too long to experience all of these fails. So is this a protocol issue?

2. I've set up a test project in the TriCaster as I'm learning all the new hardware (I'm used to a TC40, so Advanced Edition 3 is entirely new to me, as is NDI connectivity). Loading the project, it remembers what cameras I have selected for each input (an SDI cam on input 1, and my two NewTek cams on inputs 2 and 3)... however camera 3 doesn't always come up. I find I have to disconnect it from the switch and connect it back again to get the TriCaster to see it, even though it knows the name and port of the camera within the project. Note that when this happens, although I'm getting no video from the camera, I DO have control with the Lumens controller.

3. On an unrelated note, since AE3 lists a Daktronics AllSport as a valid device for getting data into the CG, is there a specific type of adapter needed to connect the school's AllSport controller to the TriCaster? I know I'll have to use either J6 (25-pin serial) or J1, -2, or -3 (1/4" TRS port)... but the existing adapters I own (25-to-9 DIN, then 9-pin to USB) don't seem to carry the data across from J6 and I have no idea where I'd find a quarter-inch-to-USB adapter. Do I absolutely need to buy an AllSport CG (about $500) just to get live data from the scoreboard controller?

4. (This has happened twice now): Accessing camera from TriCaster input window. Click on Settings gear. Try to access the device webpage. Start entering login/password info and the first character of the login name comes up wrong onscreen (instead of the correct letter, I get a ç character) and the TriCaster immediately shuts down. It's the weirdest thing — no error message, no chance to respond... just "Windows is shutting down" and it's all over.
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