NDI HX camera app, poor telephoto (zoom) quality on Samsung S21 Ultra

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I recently bought the NDI HX camera app for my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The built in camera has 20x zoom for video and up to 100x zoom for pictures. The phone switches between three different lenses to maintain a quality image.

I was planning to use the phone to capture our church service and see how well a 4k phone camera could replace two 10 year old 1080p camcorders, in hopes to show great results to upgrade to a PTZ camera.

The NDI connection to our computer running Livestream Studio works great.
The wide shot from the phone looks good.

The quality really fails the moment I zoom in on the app or inside the Studio software. I tried all three speed/quality settings.
I notice the app doesn't change lenses while zooming, so possibly it was only designed for close range (less than three feet)

For reference, I am sitting six feet away from a LEGO box, and using the NDI HX camera app I zoom in as far as it will go and the quality is terrible. I can read the numbers and words on the box better with my own eyes.

Either I am doing something wrong, or this app has not been designed to harness the telephoto power of the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or other work arounds would be appreciated.


fyi it is not possible to swap cameras on the ios app either. Only digital zoom using the main camera. It would really improve the versatility if this feature was implemented on both ios and android.
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