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I have some questions regarding the discovery server. Currently, our setup looks like this:

The discovery server IP is provided to us by an external source. Mod1 and Mod2 are our internal applications (All the internal applications run on Linux.). Mod1 receives the stream and sends another NDI stream to the discovery server, which will be picked up by Mod2. There are two possible issues here:
  1. The stream sent by Mod1 is an internal stream that is used only by our internal applications and is not supposed to be exposed to the external source. But it will be accesible to whoever listens on the discovery server (internal and external).
  2. We do not have any control over the discovery server.
There are two possible solutions:
  1. Have another discovery server (DS2) that is connected to the first discovery server (DS1) that will be used internally. The Mod1 receives and sends the stream to the internal server from which, Mod2 will receive it.
  2. Receive stream from the external server but the internal stream from Mod1 will be accessible only on mDNS. Mod2 will then receive it from there.

Is any of these solutions possible? If so, how to connect two discovery servers or enable both discovery server and mDNS in a single application? If not, is there a better alternative?


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