NDI can stop my inthernet connection ? 🤔


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hello everyone, i have a big problem and i don't know how to resolve...

when i do livestream using ndi "webcam imput" to send snap cam to my another computer some times i the midle of my livestream the pc just stop the connection e make some test not using ndi and the connection don't stop but when i use NDI the connection stop 1 hour later :(, i use gigabyte modem, and my motherboard is gigabyte too.

the question is NDI can stop my connection or is my huawei modem, i never work whit this modem so i think is it

thankss <3
I would check to make sure your Lan connection is really running at 1gbit vs 100mbit and getting saturated by the NDI signal causing packet drops and or retransmits that might interrupt your internet streaming out from that machine regardless of your internet connection speed.


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You don't happen to have multicast enabled on a device? An incorrectly configured network with multicast can have issues like you describe.

NDI defaults to unicast transmission, in that setup I cannot think of a reason that you would get what is being described (unless like mentioned above, a device only has a 100Mb interface, then you could be saturating that link with traffic).
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