Ndi bridge KVM remote control Direct

Hi all

We are wondering if there is anyway it was possible to remotely switch inputs on Join tricasters in various locations from the Host tricaster directly without using Studio monitor KVM for a smoother workflow? If not is this something that might be possible in the future?


'the write stuff'
I haven't tested it, but don't see why you couldn't control one TriCaster from another one using macros (the new support for LivePanel style buttons in ISO monitors should be useful to this end, I think).

Will Waters

Head of Product Management
Hi Joe,

There are quite a few use cases where TriCaster are used in concert with one controlling another. A few options on where to get info.

1 . The following KBA describes how to trigger a macro on a remote TriCaster by calling that macro by name.

2. The Automation & Integration Guide available on the downloads page next to each product gives detail on how to use http commands for control. There is a lot of information here, but does assume prior knowledge of how to send commands in various ways.


3. There is a NewTek U course dedicated to automation and control of TriCasters and other NewTek products available.

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