NDI audio out of sync


Hi all, I have been using Zoom Rooms for quite some time and am very happy that it is now natively NDI. Today I attempted to use the TC2E outputs to ISO record my Zoom Rooms. In the output settings, I assigned outputs 1-6 to inputs 1-6 which are NDI from Zoom Rooms. In the audio selection, I chose the corresponding inputs 1-6. We did a test record and audio is out. I don't have a firm number but it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-80ms. Any thoughts? Is this a known issue? Yes, I know I can adjust delay but it seems like it should be synchronous without me needing to adjust.


Yep, extra video processing creates video delays. We check lip sync before every show, and once we dialed in our number for the audio delay we've been steady over the last 100+ shows.


I have my microphones connected directly to my Newtek PTZ1 cameras and they are still 200ms out of sync!

I also have mics connected to my Panasonic HE40 PTZ cameras and they are about 80ms out of sync.

They are connected via SDI by the way. I don't use NDI with my cameras in the studio if I can help it, save that for remote cameras.

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