NDI Audio Direct on macOS


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I've been waiting crazily since June for the release of NDI 5, mainly because of the Audio Direct tool, so much needed for us DAW users. Well, now it's released... only for Windows 🥴. Will we eventually get a macOS version as well? I'm just tired of having to loopback everything into OBS to send an audio only NDI signal.


Try the new FCP NDI plug in... It includes an NDI Audio output device for *any* mac app, up to 6 channels


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Hi, the FCP for mac is really a Audio Output device for the MacOS. It is a HAL plugin. This way programs that uses the HAL plugins for outputs etc. can use it. FCP does, Resolve does not. i.e. So all programs uses HAL will se it.

In a DAW (like Nuendo),it will show up as two different items.
NDI Audio, and NDI Audio (2).

NDI Audio is a 2 channel input device locked at 44.1 kHz
NDI Audio (2) is a 6 channel output device locked at 48 kHz

I don't know why the difference in HW sync frequency, but it looks like it is this way. I'll test more.

But since this is NOT a VST plugin, (as you have in the PC version of direct OUT), it will have it's limitations of how to use it.

And we also need that bridge so we can recieve and send audio to all over the world. :)

Please keep on developing those tools for mac as well. We are waiting :)

cheers Helge


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Thanks for the info, Helge. I wish NewTek was more clear about this. I bet there is some folks that, because they haven’t seen the Audio Direct plugin itself for Mac, are probably a little lost right now. It’s definitely not hard to set it up, but might be not so obvious for someone, idk.
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