NC1 IO: Should I upgrade NDI Tools?



We use a NC1IO with our TC1, and have had some issues with it taking a long time to become available in the TC1 input list, and some other issues like sources freezing ect.
We run the latest version on both the NC1IO and TC1 software but I see that the NC1IO is running NDI Tools 3.6. I assume this was packed with the NC1 software.

Should I upgrade to NDI Tools 3.8? Could this sort my issues?



NewTek SE
You can upgrade the NDI Tools on TC1 and NC1 systems. However, except for the NDI-HX driver, this will not have affect on the TC1 or NC1 software itself. All NDI software has it own NDI DLL, it is possible to have multiple versions of NDI coming off a system if you are running different applications on it.

What version TC1 and NC1 software you do have installed? How long is 'a long time' before the sources become available? NDI issues are, 99 times out of 100, issues with the network, have you tried different Ethernet cables and a different Ethernet switch?


We have an issue where if we open a project with inputs from the nc1, they will show as expected, but the nc1 is not found in the input list. On the inputs already set up it says "connecting to..."
Since the nc1 is not in the input list, we can't add new inputs from the nc1.
I haven't found any consistency when it connects properly. It can take hours.
We run dual cables to the same switch from both the tc1 and nc1. Could this be a cause?
We also have other issues that could be network related like lost ptz control and Dante audio issues.
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