NC1 IO hanging or freezing


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Hello Forum,

I wanted to run this past the forum and see if anyone else has seem this problem.

We have a facility that contains 6 NC1 IOs set up for dual channel UHD encoding. The UHD sources are Sony HDCU ccu's that are set up to output Square Division 3G level A quad link signals @3840 x 2160 50P. These are patched over short links directly to the NCI10 units. Each NC1 IO deals with two camera channels.

The problem is we regularly find the NCI IO unit freeze or hang and stop encoding the incoming signals. It appears the entire the units hangs since a, the NDI streams stop, b, the unit loses all network presence, the user interface and streams disappear from the network and the units do not respond to pings. We administer the units via Studio Monitor KVM function. The only way to get them up and running is to power cycle them

This has happened to all of the NC1 units but not all at the same time and there seems no pattern to when it may occur. The units run headless, so once they freeze there is no way to see what might be going on within the Windows environment. Plugging a mouse monitor and keyboard into the frozen unit to see what is happening is futile since the onboard GPU won't handshake with a monitor when in a frozen state. Even on a reboot I can see no evidence of errors in the windows log.
When in a frozen state the NIC link and activity LEDs are active as is the blue power button light.

Without any clues from the units as to what is going on I am at a loss as to where to look for a solution.

I am going to set up a monitor connected permanently to one of the six units and see if that reveals anything if and when it freezes again. I would monitor all six but don't have the space or the monitors to do that.

I should add that the units are running software release 190416..... I think, since I can find any version numbers on the installed software so I'm going by the modification date of the installer left on the desktop. Is there a version number somewhere?

Anyone any thoughts or clues on this one?

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i have problems with the NC1 I/O not displaying input&output signals.
The Inputs are working und my TC1 is receiving the signals, same with the outputs.

After several newstarts it works.

Anyone with same problems?


I can't see any input or output on the NCIO-multiviewer.
Just black, some times after a half hour it appears...
Signal in TC1 works.
Output on NCIO works.
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