NC1 I/O SDI video skipping

So, I am in my first week of sending video from our basketball court between building to our new control room. I have all of my SDI cams going into an NC1 in and NC1 I/O at our basketball court and they are then sent to an NC1 I/O in our control room so it can be taken from NDI to SDI into our 8000 and 4800. The problem is from time to time the I/O has a camera freezes or skips for like 10-20sec then it will go back to normal. I have pulled up the NDI feed on while this is happening on studio monitor and it is fine, so that makes me think it is my I/O that is the problem.

Has anyone else had a problem with the I/O skipping or freezing the video?
What versions of software on all of the systems?

The NC1 I/O are new and are running the most current software. It is the SDI video out of the unit that is skipping/freezing. Not all of the channels are doing it at the same time, but they all will from time to time...

8000 is on the most current version of Adv Ed 2
4800 is on the most current version


NewTek SE
1-0-191104 Mark M on the NC1 I/O

5-1-190424 on the 8000

3-1 190319 on the 4800

Thanks. I sent you a private message with some info, but it looks like your NC1 IO is on the version I was hoping it was. I'd recommend contacting support.
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