NC1 I/O and Dante audio

So, I just downloaded and installed Dante virtual sound card on my NC1 I/O (running 191104) it has been setup and is running on my Dante network. The problem is when I go into the supplemental audio devices nothing for Dante comes up. I am running the NC1 as 8 SDI outputs. Am I doing something wrong, I just trying to get the camera audio from my NDI cams into my audio board.


NewTek SE
Is Dante running in WDM or ASIO mode? I've have to check, but it might have to be WDM mode.

One other possibility, for ASIO mode, I've found that sometimes you need to delay the start of some of our application, as Dante take a little time to initialize in ASIO mode and isn't ready by the time the application starts.
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