NC1 - Hardware not initialized


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On our NC1, the hardware does not initialize..
The system boots normally, the software starts normally, but the SDI INs are blank and not selectable (not appearing) within input selector dropdown (local only shows BLACK).

Systeminfo says "Hardware not initialized".

When I try to Update the system, Updateprocess says "Hardware not found", ends the update, reboots..

we tried several attempts, after random (between 5 - 20) it MAY happen, that for a short time, hardware gets detected and everything works.. for a few minutes, then the inputs go dark again.. ..

NDI INs and OUTs from our TC1 are selectable, and sometimes even the TC1 can see the NC1 NDI Streams.. but thats a different story..

Any Ideas?
Should we open the Box and shake it a bit around? :)


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Should we open the Box and shake it a bit around? :)
Absolutely not - your dog will probably die, your wife will likely leave you, and you will void your warranty. That said, if you're off warranty, have a cat, and your wife already left, cleaning the contacts on the SDI connector card might be useful.


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nope. (no mice inside the NC1, no Cat around, wife still there, connections clean tho :) )

Working for now..
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