N and K nodal inputs for IOR values


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Here is a 2015 Nodal setup that allows N and K values to be converted IOR of real materials like metals, plastics, crystals, glass, liquids, etc. This node setup does require one plugin that one can get from here. (https://www.db-w.com/download/category/10-previous-releases)

The values can be converted from this website (https://refractiveindex.info/) per color channel. The wavelength values per channel should be: 0.65 for Red, 0.55 for Green, and 0.45 for Blue. I have these also stored in the description line of the compound node. Also there is a roughness setting just for fun. The samples attached show some of the compounds I tested with. They are in the node setup.

Example: Pick Aluminium - place .65 in the wavelength value. Place the results for N and K red channels. repeat for green and blue.



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