My NDI source suddenly stopped getting detected from one PC but Scan Converter is working fine


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I wrote an application that uses the NDI SDK to send video frames to Tricaster and other hardware. It has been running fine for over a year and across several SDK versions with no issues. Suddenly I am getting reports that it has stopped working - the source is not being detected anymore over the network. At the same time, other NDI tools like Scan Converter and Screen Capture (from the same PC) are working fine and getting detected.

When using Studio Monitor on the same physical PC, it is detected and video frames are coming in. On another PC on the local network however it does not get detected. Meanwhile, Scan Converter / Screen Capture is getting detected and work fine.

When testing on another computer, everything works fine including my application. They tried an older version of the application with SDK v4.5.1 and now a new version with SDK 4.6.2, same issue.

It is just my application that has stopped being detected suddenly and just from one PC. What can I do from my end to debug? I don't have access to this PC but I can send them a new version of my application with some kind of logging or something, I just have no clue what to log and what to look for.

I suspect perhaps some kind of firewall where just my application is getting blocked - I doubt that's something I could log from within my application.

Any ideas on where we could look are appreciated! Thanks.

  • From one PC only, my application using NDI SDK stopped being detected. NDI source is not arriving at other PCs.
  • On the same PC, other NDI tools work fine, like Scan Converter and Screen Capture. They are detected and outputting video to other PCs on the network.
  • On the same PC, Studio Monitor can detect the source just fine.
  • On other PCs, everything works fine. It's just on one PC and just my application.


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I'm anything but a develop, but just as a diagnostic step, could you briefly disable the firewall to see if the problem vanishes?
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