My latest painting.

After my wife passed, I just wasn't interested in painting. After 35 years of steady work, my inspiration just dried up. Well, its been three years now, and I'm back at the easel. This is an oil painting that I'm just finishing. It's 30x40" on linen canvas entitled "Kofi". I think it needs a little more work. But the bulk of it's done. Hope you all like it.


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I'm sorry to hear of your tough times the last few years, but here's to better times ahead and I hope the creative energy helps you through.
Lovely piece of work!


Beautifully done. Sorry to hear about your wife and I hope you continue to find fulfilment and solice in your painting now that you've got back into the saddle as it were. You are supremely talented (y)

we all go dark places when we lose someone.
it is good to see you are getting the spirit back.

Awesome painting

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