My Custom Scripts and Tweaks... so far


Are We There Yet?
Jean and others,

I haven't done much with VT-scripts but will list a few of my tweaks. I am not a programmer by trade (editor/animator) but have always been interested in it and dabble now and again.

I created all the distinct speed keys I posted about in relation to the Shuttle Pro. That tweak also included a FWD/REW/PLAY combination instead of the FWE/REW/STOP (j,k,l). I added a 2X play speed to SHIFT K over-ridding what ever was there (stop go to head or something).

I also added a zoom to selected hotkey (which I use constantly) and kept wondering why this was not already available when I realized it is in a RIGHT CLICK context, but I prefer the hot-key SHIFT ENTER.

The last scripts I added were a zoom in/out that is about 1/6 the amout of the standard - and =, and a zoom to fit clip that is about 80% the size of the standard giving you a little more timeline context (I found myself constantly mouse zooming out a little after an ENTER and the - was too much...)

Might mention here as well the JAVASCRIPT for CG creation in Photoshop.

If anyone is interested in these scripts let me know and I will post the details here.


Are We There Yet?
Don't have details at home so it will have to wait till I can get some time to post next week from work.

Forgot to mention the tweak I did creating a new SuperStart menu that pops up along side the right-hand side of my right-hand monitor, instead of way over on the left.

Also I posted a method on the betaforum for setting horizontal or vertical split in VTEdit through a pair of shortcuts. Funny thing is though I have never found a need to go back to the horizontal mode as the vertical mode works so nice with Dual monitors. I felt that this change over could be incorporated into a skin choice right from VT but never looked into it.
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