My concept car


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Work in progress.



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Great Scot! Next Saturday night, we're sending you back to the future!! Is this sucker nuclear?

Sorry. The car is not bad. It just reminded me of the delorean from BTTF.

Did you model the car with splines? It might just be the reflections but it looks like the car isn't smooth in areas. Like the roof of the car looks like it's dented up a bit.

Something looks really strange right behind the drivers seat. It looks like a blue sky over brown terrain? The lighting seems a little strangeon the inside of the car. From the open door, the light seems on but through the windshield it doesn't.


It's looking good so far. The only real crit I have is that the tires look like they're placed too closley to the car body. The one in front is especially cramped. Other than that, I like the style. Kind of retro, kind of futuristic. I bet that paint job would be the bane of other drivers on a sunny day, though ;)

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If you want C&C on your model I'd suggest that you don't render it with such an artistic angle and a mirror surface, it's just too hard to comment then. Post at least two shots also, a 3/4 front and back are usually enough to get a good feel of the model. I agree about the cramped tires. Did you make sure that tire polygons don't visibly rip into the wheel wells when the wheels are roated? There should also be some slack, otherwise it just looks wrong.


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NIce. I think i will have to agree with the others about the wheels. Other than that it is a very nice model.

I realy like the environment.
Is the red dust just fog? and did you sue skytracer?

Keep up the good work

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