Multiple VR Headsets in Lightwave?


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Has anyone here tried using two or more VR headsets in the same scene at the same time? I was wondering if it was theoretically possible.

It would likely require multiple scene cameras. Each camera would be assigned its own VR headset. Each headset would need it's own video card etc. but it should work in theory. Shouldn’t it?


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This could possibly be a feature in future versions of Ubercam :)
You would need a lot of ports free though (hdmi, usb), plus multiple head trackers, it could get very complicated.
Plus is LW even cabable of having two cameras independently moving at the same time from different input sources?
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So yeah in theory possible, in lightwave? Well I doesn't have support for even one right now.

Fear not, Ubercam will let you do it! But not for multiple headsets yet. I mean, I could track them, but I can't display through them.

Right now, you can view the Layout 'world' through the Ubercam viewport in your Rift, but I haven't updated it for the latest Rift SDK. That's coming very, very soon.

It's likely I'm going to break this out into a separate product though, and leave the Ubercam to just contain the cameras. There's a lot of stuff I'd like to explore through VR hardware, and it's not all camera related.

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