Muddy video with virtual set

Tim Brown

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We took the plunge and had a flat wall built in our small studio and painted it with Rosco paint. We also added Ikan Lyra Bi-color soft panel dimmable LED lighting. I've looked at scopes and the green is even and we pull a nice, clean key. We try to keep the talent about 4-feet away from the wall and use a backlight to get a nice edge with very little to no spill.

My concern is the video quality of the talent in front of the green screen. It appears the video is just a bit worse quality than video that we produce through the Tricaster 460 that isn't keyed. It looks like it just isn't as sharp and clear. This isn't a huge deal for Facebook lives, but we will soon be producing a show for broadcast tv.

Any thoughts?

Also, we are in the Chicago area and I would be willing to hire someone who really knows what they're doing to come in for a day and take a look at our setup and give us some pointers. Anyone know of a good source for someone who is really good with the 460 and virtual sets? Again, would prefer someone from Chicago so I don't have to pay travel and lodging. Plus, we should have some talent like this in this market.

Thanks for the help.


Can you put the talent infront of the green screen and also in an M/E, record them both and post it?

Tim Brown

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Interesting. How does the talent look in the same shot just in front of the green screen?

The talent looks sharp when there is no keying happening.

It makes me wonder if something happens during the processing in the Tricaster. Maybe we have something set incorrectly? I have no clue. Any help would be appreciated.


Do you have any non-keyed footage of talent in front of the green screen?
Have you tried using some of the pre-recorded green screen footage with KiKi and see how that looks>
Lighting and camera settings can have a huge effect when keying.


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Image softening within an M/E is typically more likely to come from a scaling problem, as for example when the subject is being scaled up more than is prudent. Is the same softening visible on the M/E output if you simply toggle LiveMatte off without modifying anything else?


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This might be a result of too much or little of Tolerance and Smoothness settings in the LiveMatte Settings.
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