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When placed into LW, they work fine when several motions are placed end to end, no overlaps. There is, of course a glitch when one motion bumps into the following motion.

However, when I place a transition between two motion clips strange things happen.
parts of the rig spin in opposite directions through the transition, and then return to normal and correct movement when in the next clip.

It does not do this in 3DS Max....

I can find no way to correct this anomoly.
Any help would be appreciated.

Using LW 2019 and 2020

Is there another application you would suggest to Map the motion files to the LW rig?



Tim Parsons

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Sorry I have no idea but I would ask in Lightwave General Support area or the Lightwave Community area. This is a more generalized anything Newtek area. Those other areas are more frequented by LW users.

Ryan Roye

What you're observing is a result of euler flipping because the facing direction of one clip is rotated 180 degrees. You will usually observe euler flipping when dealing with motion capture or utilizing various constraints. I recommend verifying that the initial facing direction (almost always heading) of the separate clips are indeed exactly the same, so that it doesn't attempt to interpolate between 0 and 180+ degrees.

It is possible that either the clips in 3dsmax either don't have the flipping issue possibly due to import differences, or that there is some kind of automatic correction happening under the hood.


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Thank you all -

The base motion clips I am using are all from Mixamo,

When viewed/imported into either in "Lightwave 2020", "MotionBuilder" or Autodesk's "FBX Viewer" they are all facing +Z (toward the default camera).

Thought it does appear that your (Ryan) diagnosis of euler flipping is spot on - if the original clips all come in facing the correct direction, there must be some other setting/method to to correct the issues I am running into either in MotionBuilder or Lightwave.

Should anyone run across a solution, I would be most grateful to hear of it!
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