Morph Mixer and Cloth FX in Lightwave 2020


I found a nice tutorial for making curtains on YouTube

The tutorial is written for Lighwave 11.6. In Lightwave 2020, however, the morph mixer is in a different place in Layout and the combination of Cloth FX and Morph Mixer doesn't work.

In Lightwave 11, the Morph Mixer and Cloth Effects are together under the Object Properties/Deform tab/ Add Displacement
In Lighwave 2020, the Morph Mixer and Cloth Effects are together under Object Properties/Primitive/ Geometry/Add Modifier

In 11, after adding the Morph Mixer, when you press the cloth simulation Calculate button, the morph and cloth effects work together.
In 2020 - it's not at all the same effect. They're working together in some way, but it's not nice.

Any thoughts on this change and how these elements work together?


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What order do you have MotionMixer and ClothFx in the modifier list? Are both active? Are any other modifiers present/active?

Maybe easiest to send a screenshot of the modifier panel.


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How I managed to recreate this exercise in LW2020 was as follows:

After doing the work in Modeler and bringing the object into Layout I followed these steps:
  1. Opened the object properties for the curtain object.
  2. Added the ClothFX dynamic from within Primitives>Geometry>Add Motion Modifier (I could have just selected the FX tab and added it there, but didn't).
  3. Under the FX tab, I opened up the settings for the ClothFX and applied the settings in the video.
  4. Back in Primitives>Geometry>Add Motion Modifier, I added the morph mixer and set that up as per the video.
  5. In the Primitives>Geometry>Add Motion Modifier Modifier Stack, the modifiers are listed as follows (top to bottom):
    1. Morphing (deactivated)
    2. Bones (deactivated)
    3. Morph Mixer (activated)
    4. ClothFX (activated)
    5. Subdivision (activated)
    6. Nodal Displacement (deactivated)
    7. Surface Displacement (deactivated)
    8. Displacement Map (deactivated).
  6. Back in the FX>ClothFX, recalculated and viola.
The thing to be wary of, is the order of the modifiers in the modifier stack. If I remember correctly (and please, if anyone knows better please feel free to correct me) the modifier stack processes the modifiers in the list from top to bottom. You can reorder the modifiers easily by just selecting and dragging them up and down the list.

In this case, for each frame of the animation, a morph had to be performed, then the Cloth dynamics, then the subdivision before moving on to the next frame and starting all over again. A different list order would produce a different result.

Hope that helps.

BTW. As a quick tip: In Modeler when I needed to select every other top point in the curtain mesh, I selected them all and then went to the Selection tab > Speciality > Select by Nth Pattern. Then in the window that opened, I set the 'n' field to 2 and 'offset' to 0 and clicked ok. Then every other point was automatically selected including the end points of the selection. Nice and quick.

You can find out more here.
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