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ack ack
FYI zapper1998, your sig is virtually unreadable in the vb4 default forum style (i.e. white background).

Good catch !

didn't notice.

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Post #31 would love to try this.

Awesome looking

Thank you for sharing

Then do it, if not having 2015 Lightwave, which I think you have anyway...then switch to lecacy hv´s within 2019-20 Lightwave version.

Just switch volmumetrics to Old legacy hv´s, add a null in sprite mode and use the settings you have in that screenshots, provided you have downloaded the free dpont textures, the settings are pretty much there in the screenshot, you would have to wrestle a bit with distance, size and color, for lights and star flares..I have given descriptions on how to set that and use as well in this thread, they are important to give that extra glow and illumination of the hv´s nearby as well.

Additional notes: how much density you set for the hv´s and also how many slices, normally I use 1-2 slices, where 2 slices will give more deeper detail, but will become a bit slower to render.
Use VPR always active for this, since sprites renders so fast it´s a joy to work with.
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ok will give it a go


changed my signature font color

And now it is very hard to see within the BP brown style I always use.

My signature shows up as blue and quite readable in the blue or vb4 default styles, and in the BP-Brown style it shows as highlighted yellow...all quite readable.
I think you shouldn´t give the signature any color coding within the signature at all, so it adapts properly to whatever style you choose, otherwise that may be overriden.
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