More preset for...


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I know, many task of 3d are not simple, but...
Some preset to define a good GI setup for
- GI setup preview
- GI setup Internal preview/medium/good
- GI setup sky lighting preview/medium/good
- GI setup HDR lighting preview/medium/good

Dynamic preset for
- Cloth soft
- Cloth Hard
- Softbody like gelly, closed ball with inner air
- Hard body destruction (different combination to keep more or less glued part) setup

i know dynamics is very scale related, but if you build 1:1 scale obj bullet phisique work in same way on lw, c4d and maya (i don't use or know other software) and you can find preset.

It could be nice to change picture preview of preset to add a more clear rappresentation of preset.

more materials, please... in past i did soma collection preset of materials for lw, at today with new engine i'm going to study new engine and new parameters, but more preset to start are a good things.
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