More Free Production Music from SoundTraxx V. II

Shawn Farrell

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Here is another royalty free gift for the holidays hot off the speaker grills from the upcoming release of SoundTraxx Voulume II coming end of Q1 2010 LINK to .mp3:


The track is called "Methodic" and it could be used behind any presentaion that needs a steady industrial beat to build on. Enjoy & prosper!:thumbsup:

Don't forget to check out SoundTraxx Volume I:

Over 90 Traxx and under $100.00 it's great music at an outstanding price.
Listen to all the tracks in full and purchase here:

Shawn Farrell

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One more thing...

Did I mention that the computer I use to make this music has a VT[3] in it, this increases THE COOLNESS FACTOR of The SoundTraxx Music Library!:vticon:

Shawn Farrell

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Ask for news...get the news...

I have Soundtraxx V1, but I am looking for more of an opening theme song. The best sample of such a theme is "World News Tonight"

What do you think?

Hey Sir,

I cooked up this custom song for you which will be in SoundTraxx Volume II but you and anyone else can use it for FREE!:thumbsup: LINK: Intro.mp3

Enjoy, prosper & please tell me what you think!

Shawn Lee Farrell
SoundTraxx Music Library Producer
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