More file and project management tools


AMONG all my other wishes for VT...

I really would like to see more tools for managing projects and project files.

I know we are looking at the drive contents when looking at file bins in TeD, but sometimes I would like to see only the footage I am using in a project (maybe a custom sift of the bin). It would be nice to also be able to see the files NOT being used in a project.

I just learned about the BOLD text showing what files are being used by an open project and it was helpful. I still think it would be nice to just see used/un-used items when I need to clean out my hard drive.



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media management

That's a very important feature.

Most professional NLE's (Avid, FCP) also allow you to "shrink" your footage - discarding *all* unused footage, with customised "handles". This is very powerful, allowing you to optimise your drive space, especially with those "hanging" jobs that just sit there, waiting for client-committee approval. ;)

A backup feature would also fit in well with this scenario, whereby the system would copy all used media to a DVD or tape archive, for later recovery, rather than having to redigitise from source (saving head-wear). The Turbocube used to have a built-in DLT backup system for this - altho I would prefer an open-ended arrangement that would allow you to choose whether to go to DVD or whatever tape system you have.


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Fast forward 4 years:

I think the time where people are using desktop/embedded Project Management tools is now over. Project Management now is online and is all about collaboration!


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Media Management

This is not about project management - it's about media management. With HD we now have to contend with Terabytes of video assets that need to be archived on an ongoing basis, and even with broadband connections I don't think that's going to happen off-site for a while - at least not in places where bandwidth is limited. The new cameras record direct to disk - but once the footage is taken off and the camera disk is reused, how do you archive it? Fine if you own an HD deck (not a cheap option), but for most of us not an option.

We were looking into buying big drives, but evidently they don't last "on the shelf", so now it seems we're going back to DLT: apparently Sony has some really robust high capacity formats out now. Another option is Blu-ray, but this is still not a tested technology, so how long will that last on the shelf?

We're still looking, and our drives are filling up...
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