Modifying Image from Inputs

Jochen Herzog

New member
Expand squeezed inputs and vice versa
... same as in the ME-Section (Row A Pos).. zoom x and y with individual percentage,, but directly on the input section,, thx
Premium Access Pan and Scan allows this on the inputs, freeing up the M/E for other purposes. If you only need to zoom/position a few video inputs and have the M/E's available, then it is a solution.
.. jip,, it's not about zoom/pan/colors ,, that's all fine on the inputs,, just that one thing missing: expand/squeeze image (x/y individually) from the inputs,, we got TricasterElite 2 (3RU),, isn't that premium?
Yes, TriCaster 2 Elite has all of the Premium Access tools (and more) as the standard feature set.

The Pan and Scan does not give you separate X/Y scaling controls, it is meant to mimic a PTZ camera. If you need separate X/Y, then you will need to use a M/E.
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