Modify : the way we navigate in ted


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Re-hi again.

I want the "rightmousebutton on the timeruler" in ted to became the "middlemousebuttons on the tmeline".

this way I could zoom/dezoom/navigate without having to reach the timeruler.

but I'm unable to find the toasterscript wich does all the "zoom/dezoom/navigate" when grabbing the timeruler.

Someone knows where it is?



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You can zoom in and out by using the plus and minus keys on your keyboard, and the backspace key centers activity around the scrub bar, or whatever that thing is called.


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Thx for your workaround's ideas.

but i'm looking for optimisations of the interface..
I know all the existings shortcuts and ways we can actually use ted.

With toaster script I want to tweak, find faster ways to do basic stuffs, make it perfect for me and, perhaps, other users will find those good for them too.

My goal is to find all millisecond I can win during editing actions for those to became hours at he end of the week.

And I think the "grab timeruler" thing is on of these improvements but I would like to optimize it a little bit more.

I hope you'll like it if I manage to do it =)



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Jean, the mouse commands are hard to locate and the SDK documentation has very little about it either. Maybe they are hardcoded in a DLL or something...?


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Damit !!

Is there a "newtek mouse button coder in chief" who could confirm that ?

thx for all your inputs Bradl


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Search TScript docs for "mouse"...

code( MessageBox("Middle Mouse has been Clicked" ) ) )

code(MessageBox("Middle Mouse has been released " i) ) )

So you add callbacks which will run your code when it calls.


Next, search for zoom and find...
GetTimeScroll( )
SetTimeScroll(start, end
GetDisplayRangeStart( )
GetDisplayRangeEnd( )
SetDisplayRange(start, end)

GetPosition( )

in Editor, common support/kbd.Toasterscript you'll see a lot of zoom examples like...

CreateShortCut ( "Backspace", code(
if (GetActivePaneType()==1) // timeline only
Position = GetPosition()
Range = (GetDisplayRangeEnd() - GetDisplayRangeStart())
Start = Position - Range/2
End = Start + Range
SetDisplayRange(Start, End)
), "CurrentPopup", KbdPriority
"Timeline_Layout .*" // It is not actually on the window, but rather on the layout

With button down...
Grab mouse poition
Grab your range and position,

2nd callback...
Grab mouse position, and calculate your modification
Adjust range and potition
then set either/both range and position

This will not be as smooth as you might desire, but will work.
Maybe hound VidFeatures for the feature?

- Aussie


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It is so smooth when you use the TimeBar click and drag. Could you just hijack that same code and apply it to MouseMButtonClick and get the same results? or is that portion of code compiled?



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Yeah I understand, middlemouse smoothness...
It would be better coded in then TsScripted.

I will suggest this to VidFeatures.
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