Modeler EPS Question- "No polygons selected"


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I have fixed most of my issues by beefing up an old G4.

I have watched the supplied tutorial.

After importing the Newtek logo, the guy in the tutorial extrudes it, and then is able to select the front, hit Q and change that to the face, and then selects the rest and makes it the sides.

I have a circular logo.

When I do the same, I get a "No Polygons Selected' error.

Tutorial shows Modeler 7.5c, I have 7.5d. Would that matter?

if I layerize the same logo, I can select each layer, or group of layers, and hit q and make them a group.

But i can't separate the front from the sides.

Don Ballance

Director of Training
Make sure you are in the polygon mode by clicking on the polygon button at the bottom of the interface before trying to select the face.
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